Day Two

There’s a reason England is so green….. It likes to rain. A lot. It likes
to rain a lot :).

The set up continues albeit at a less frenetic pace. We are almost
there, just the BBQ and outdoor table and chairs to go. Bit of a
sleepy day, but a short walk did present two squirrels high in the
trees on a small path off the main camp ground. All attempts to
coax them onto ground level with promises of nuts were to no avail.
Nor were assurances that the Hyde park squirrels could vouch for
us. Never mind. Baby bunnies a plenty too. So cute. Saw one jump
three times his height yesterday into s bunny shaped hole in a bush.
Bunnies :).IMAG0938

Not yet mastered the art of picking up and travelling in this very
large vehicle. Parking is the largest challenge as it takes up two
places and small streets are pause for thought. We will buy a sat nav
that allows for vehicle dimensions to be entered to alleviate some of
these issues.

In other news, the tv is working. Yay. Many channels, but across lots
of satellites so it will take a while to master. Amazing what can be
learnt through reading the instructions though…

Given the cold day and lack of exploring opportunities with the rain,
we have settled in for a roast dinner. The kitchen is really well
equipped. Did brave the weather for a coffee; the English are not
masters of coffee.

Debating whether to buy bikes or master the art of moving round in
the motorhom. With a day like today, bikes would be out of the question,
the motorhome is a much better option. Time will tell.