Day One

Well really day two, but yesterday passed in a daze of flight delays
and a long drive. Was lovely to be greeted by a family of baby
cottontail rabbits and a couple of squirrels. Word must have got out
that we were coming. Very obliging of the furry community really.


It’s very pretty here. The village of Truro is very old and picturesque.
I can see a lovely old cathedral on the skyline but it will have to wait
to be explored. Many errands to run today. It’s been years since I’ve
had to set up a kitchen, but set up a kitchen we did. Everything from
pots and pans to spices and Asian basics. The produce is delightful
here – so much choice and knowledge shared on local product
varieties, even in the supermarkets. Took a lot of pleasure in
selecting varieties of veggies that I’ve only ready about – our
supermarkets could learn a thing or two.

The van is very spacious. We’ve been in French hotel rooms that
have been smaller. A lot smaller! Both beds are set up and we have
new pillows as the ones Chris bought were a challenge.1

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